astra telematics vehicle tracking devices

vehicle tracking devices with a 5 year warranty!

we design, build, supply and support our own devices

work directly with us and get ahead of your competitors

  • Support - 5 year warranty as standard with all devices
  • Competitive pricing - ask for our latest price lists, you may be surprised!
  • Fast Delivery - no need for you to carry stock
  • No MoQs - order as few or as many devices as you like!
  • Choice - we have a device to suit most applications
  • All GNSS Supported - our devices now support GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou
  • 3G/UMTS Devices - our advanced devices now support 3G / UMTS with GPRS fallback
  • Compact Size - yet packed with all the features you could wish for
  • Low power consumption - no worries about battery drain
  • Built in back-up battery - internal back-up battery with all our devices
  • Accelerometer based driver behaviour - standard with all our devices
  • Bluetooth based driver ID - the simplest and most cost-effective solution available, with our AT200 & AT210
  • IP67 Waterproof Options - we offer 2 different devices with IP67 spec
  • Modular communications protocols - choose only the data you want
  • Free firmware updates - even beyond the warranty period
  • Flexibility - if our devices don't support your requirements, just ask us, we're happy to customise them for you!
  • SDK Option - customise your device firmware or create your own using our SDK
  • Modular - extended functionality by plug and play options - RFID card readers, Garmin FMI, gritters, sweepers, weighing equipment, trailer tags...
  • Free Evaluation Kit - for qualifying clients, please see our Special Offers page for details
  • We supply hardware/device only - free to use with your own software or choose a vehicle tracking application service provider from this list

All this for less than you might think!

Choose from our matchbox sized AT110 vehicle tracking device our cigarette box sized AT240 IP67 waterproof vehicle tracking device our AT210 IP67 waterproof tracking device or our AT200 low-cost tracking device.

Our AT110 is one of the smallest and most power efficient vehicle tracking devices in the world! It is packed with the latest technology and loaded with all the features you could ever need. The AT110 uses external antennas, giving total flexibility of installation options.

Our AT240 advanced IP67 waterproof vehicle tracking device, utilises the very latest ublox EVA-M8M GNSS, ublox SARA-U2 UMTS/HSPA 3G modem and microprocessor based on the latest Cortex M3 architecture from ARM. Housed in a rugged IP67 box, the AT240 has internal antennas and a host of advanced features and options.

Our AT210 IP67 waterproof tracking device uses similar technology to our AT240 and AT110 devices, but with Quectel's tiny M66 GPRS modem, it was designed with plant and machinery applications in mind. Housed in a tiny and rugged IP67 box, the AT210 has internal antennas plus the option of using an external GNSS antenna (e.g. where device location is not an optimal location for GNSS signal).

Our AT200 low-cost vehicle tracking device uses similar technology to our other devices, but with a keen eye on costs! Like our AT210, it is aimed at basic applications with lower budgets. Housed in a tiny and rugged ABS box, the AT200 has internal antennas for GNSS, GPRS and Bluetooth.

Installation can be completely covert and typically takes less than 30 minutes per vehicle! Detailed information on your fleet can be accessed in real-time from several supporting Application Service Providers (ASPs). Most of these ASPs offer internet based tracking systems, so all you require is a PC with access to the internet.

Click here for a list of supporting Vehicle Tracking ASPs

Need to customise your device behaviour, features and / or communication protocols? We have an SDK available for use with all our devices, so you can customise our standard firmware to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can choose to buy our hardware only and we will provide supporting information for you to develop you own firmware from scratch. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in the SDK or hardware-only options.

Interested? We supply direct to the industry, so please contact us for pricing.

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