Introducing our modular communications protocol X

Introducing our modular communications protocol X

In years gone by, our devices used fixed communications protocols to send data to client’s servers.  Back then, the content, format and size were agreed up front, documented and implemented to suit.  Thereafter, if we wanted to add anything new or change the format of any of the data fields, we would have to define a new protocol.  In a rapidly developing field of technology and the Internet of Things, new ideas and improvements were constantly arising, and hence we (and our clients) spent a lot of time defining and implementing new fixed packet protocols.

We decided that there must be a better way, so we started talking to our clients about a modular protocol, which would allow our clients to select only the content they require, based on a number of optional ‘modules’.  In this way, we can add new modules without breaking existing implementations.  Further benefits are that each report can contain only the modules relevant to the event that is being reported.  And so, the Astra Telematics Modular Protocol X was born.

Since its launch, Protocol X has been adopted and implemented by numerous clients, and is now supported by all our devices, supporting almost all our applications, including our client custom applications.

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