AT110 GPS-GPRS vehicle tracking device

AT110 GPS-GPRS vehicle tracking device

Product features

AT110 GPS-GPRS vehicle tracking device

  • Choose from a variety of external antennas, for maximum installation flexibility
  • ARM Cortex M3 Processor
  • ublox EVA-M8M GNSS
  • ublox SARA-U2 3G/UMTS/HSPA communications
  • 3D MEMS accelerometer
  • CANBus FMS and OBD compatible
  • External LED status indicators
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Tiny 'matchbox' dimensions

About The Device

Product information

The AT110 has been designed using the very latest technology, Cortex M3 Processor, ublox EVA-M8M GNSS, Bluetooth Low Energy, CANBus and some very clever power/battery management. With tiny ‘matchbox’ dimensions and external antennas, the AT110 is simple to install and inconspicuous in appearance.

The AT110 is aimed at advanced fleet management applications, where external antennas are required. If external antennas are not required, we recommend using our AT240 device.

Please refer to the data sheet for more information

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