AT200 low-cost vehicle tracking device with bluetooth

AT200 Low-Cost vehicle tracking device with Bluetooth

Product features

AT200 low-cost vehicle tracking device with bluetooth

  • Small, simple and low-cost device, with an abundance of features!
  • ARM Cortex M3 Processor
  • ublox EVA-M8M GNSS
  • External LED status indicators
  • Bluetooth driver ID and vehicle immobilisation
  • Internal back-up battery
  • 3D MEMS accelerometer
  • Supports a wide range of accessories

About The Device

Product information

Our AT200 is based on the very latest technology, but with a careful eye on cost! Like our other devices, the AT200 has an ARM Cortex M3 Processor, ublox EVA-M8M GNSS, 3-axis accelerometer, internal back-up battery and advanced power/battery management. With compact dimensions, integrated antennas, LED status indicators and externally accessible SIM, the AT200 is simple to install and inconspicuous in appearance. It’s Bluetooth capability allows driver ID and vehicle immobilisation based on the authorised drivers mobile phone. The AT200 can ‘see’ the driver’s handset, read the unique Bluetooth ID and use automatically for these applicatons. We believe this to be the simplest and most cost-effective driver ID solution on the market today!

The AT200 is aimed at everyday vehicle tracking applications such as fleet management and pay-as-you-drive schemes.

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